No Need to Sidestep Tough Tasks in the Ford F-150

Have you ever been in the unique position where you need to gain access to an item in your truck bed that isn’t exactly close to the tailgate? The folks at Ford understand your frustrations and has made a great new feature available on the all-new Ford F-150 that will allow you to literally sidestep this very issue.

The innovative box side step provides an easily deployable aid to allow you to gain access to items in the bed that are off to the sides or close to the cab. To release, simply press your foot on the tab and the step moves outward slowly to avoid injury. To stow again, simply push the step back into place on either side. This game-changing step is powder coated from the factory for superior corrosion resistance, to keep it working for years to come.

Check out the video below to see this seemingly simple--yet revolutionary addition in action. To see this and all the other great new features on the new F-150 in person, visit us here at Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin.

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