Take a Break for Brake Service in Wetaskiwin


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Regular care and maintenance is the best way to keep anything working for the long haul. After all, that's why we exercise our bodies, or regularly change the strings on a guitar. It's no different with the brakes on our vehicles. So take a break from your drive to have your brakes inspected and serviced at Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin.

How do you know it's time for brake service in Wetaskiwin? There are a number of ways your brakes can tell you. Like if you look at your brake pads and they're less than a quarter inch thick. Or if you start to hear and feel constant grinding when you apply the brakes. That could mean your brake pads have totally worn through, and your rotor and calipers are scraping together.

You might also hear squealing. Now, don't get us wrong: squealing is normal under wet road conditions. But if you hear it all the time, it could be a built in indicator in which your brakes are yelling, "service me!"

The best way to determine if your brakes need servicing is to bring your vehicle into our Ford Service Centre. Our expert technicians will be able to determine and address any problem they might find, and have you safely back on the Leduc, Camrose, and Edmonton roads in no time. Schedule your service today!

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