Get Ready for Winter in Wetaskiwin With Seasonal Maintenance


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Like it or not, winter is right around the corner! We all know what the coldest and snowiest months of the year are like in Wetaskiwin, and that's why Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin wants to help you get your vehicle ready. Here are some pieces of seasonal maintenance you should have done.

  • Oil change: Engine health is vitally important because the cold can make existing issues worse. So come in for an oil and filter change to keep your engine clean and efficient.
  • Coolant: Coolant doesn't just cool your engine, it also gives you heat in the winter. Check your coolant level, and top it off when needed.
  • Wipers: Ice and snow can build up on your windshield that regular wipers aren't strong enough to remove. Install heavier winter wipers to ensure visibility.

Bring your vehicle into our Service Center, and we'll make sure you're ready to tackle the wintery roads. Want more ways you can get ready for winter? Come back to the Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin blog next week for more tips!

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