More Ways to Get Ready for Winter in Wetaskiwin With Seasonal Maintenance


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Now that's it's late November, it's time to think about winterizing your vehicle. In our last post, we shared some ways to get ready for winter in Wetaskiwin, and we're back with more seasonal maintenance tips!

  • Tires: Not every tire can perform in winter. Summer tires, for example, are made to withstand hot temperatures and dry conditions. Winter tires, on the other hand, are built for maximum handling on snowy and cold roads. Install winter tires onto your vehicle to ensure that you get the best traction possible.
  • Battery: Extreme temperatures - including extreme cold - can spell the end for a weak battery. Bring your vehicle in for a battery test to make sure it's strong enough for the upcoming season.
  • Emergency kit: You never know what can happen on winter roads, so it's always a good idea to have an emergency kit. Pack flairs, reflective triangles, and a flashlight and batteries to boost your visibility. Pack extra blankets, gloves, hats, and jackets to keep you warm, and a cell phone charger and snacks to help sustain you while you wait for help to arrive.

Do you need help making sure your vehicle is prepared for the coming snow? Schedule an appointment with the Service Center here at Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin today!


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