Tires in Peak Condition Provide Better Comfort

The tires on your car are essential to not only your safety on the road but also for the comfort that you’re able to experience. When tires are in peak condition, you will receive a much smoother ride. Tire rotations help with being able to keep the tread wear evenly which supports the varying road conditions throughout Wetaskiwin.

The tires need to be rotated based on the manufacturer’s specific recommendations. Additionally, the tire pressure should be checked in order to maintain the appropriate pounds per square inch (PSI) level. The PSI level plays an integral part in the comfort of the tires when they are rotated from front to rear. The weight of the car can affect the PSI ratio after a tire rotation and may need minor adjusting.

Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin recommends that you have your tires rotated regularly for better comfort and safety. Contact us for an appointment!
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